:) ++ Contact Details ++

Today has been fun. I hope yours was nice too

This is a test of a pinned post. (note this post is currently (not) pinned however.

Matt said you can put a pinned post and use it as navigation element. That's what this is a test of, so let us find out.

/me pins post.

Whoa cool ! It works. ` /me unpins post.

/me makes proper “about this blog post, and edits this entr.... ::blink:: Oh Hey There. Yeah okay bye second person reflexive, That was a bit odd, but pleasant.`

So yeah, now there is an , about this blog. I put my contact details there if you really want to email me and discuss something.

But please for the love of Pete, be polite, or I'll create a filter rule to send all your email directly to the shredder without even reading it. ;–)

(yes seriously, I'm too busy to read childish shit.) Be nice please and thank you.

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com