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this blog is a part of a bunch of other blogs that are all connected, inter-woven, and inter-linked in various ways, and to and from each-other as well. About me, you can go to ideamissing.com and just email me a question and ask something, or you can go to link-link-link-link.link and find my other blogs, although not all of them, and not on purpose, I should go fix that now. But at least 5 of the 20 are there. :–)


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this is a rather non-linear and explorative space.

as such, I need to stress very strongly this may be at times difficult to understand,

but I want to be clear on one thing -

  1. In no way, no matter what I say in this blog or you think I said, I never wish harm upon any other person, animal, being, place, or thing. Although I may speak badly against the actions of certain corporations, and even though those actions are delegated into being by the minds and hands and deeds of men, they've abstracted themselves from personal involvement so only in a legal sense do I do a similar action in my writing- and let you know that it is all science-fiction, however it damn well may be reality, I can't really tell sometimes. :-P

I've stuck to that, and it is the cornerstone principle of literally everything I do, and acts as probably a mental fail-safe from me ever actually doing anything stupid. It's as second nature as breathing, if you know what I mean- there is literally nothing on this planet that would even make me change that aspect of my being and my presentation in my actions- but I just want to make note of it as a crucial personal characterization since odds are you don't know me – and these read.write.as blogs get a lot more traction than I'd expected.

So just know, that I do I ever wish harm upon anyone, or anything. Period, Ever.

But this blog will be zany as f**k occasionally, or mostly- depending on how open and pliable your mind is. Mine is like a puddle of water that can take any form I desire, so bearing that in mind, you have been politely and adequately warned.

The golden rule is in full effect here, except I don't have patience for people who behave disrespectfully, or repeatedly are offensive in some clearly easily avoidable way. Especially, if respectfully addressed, understood and agreed upon. Otherwise, anything goes as long as you are nice.

Seriously. Even the weirdest thing you can possibly think of, it it has a verifiable contextual relevance to something you're working on or is important to you, no matter how “silly” it sounds or “dumb,” etc- I promise I'm genuinely curious to know about it, as long as it bears importance to you enough to convey it to someone, and I'm honored to be that someone, so let us have a chat, yes?

Go visit www.ideamissing.com and drop me an email.

Oh, and it works without the www as well, if you like the idea of missing the idea of typing the www, well there you go.

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~ the author

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize. omar@ideamissing.com