The birds where I live are a most curious thing; -

(and so is the zen master. read on for that . )

Due to residing in a mixed biome, – where the pacific meets a farming crescent/delta and simultaneously a coastal zone makes for a truly remarkable and unique energetic signature to the local area here, a fertile pocket of land, nestled against a valley, and partially against the base of literally the longest contiguous transverse mountain range on planet earth herself – the Sierra-Nevada range.

Here, beginning at around dawn, from the time the plasma starts getting pulled in by the synth-lect-co-and-brothers-and-sons, for its re-distribution to its “customers,” or slaves, depending on how you see it- a utility is a utility, in function alone anyhow, – The birds then begin to start up their own wireless network for the day.

The plasma thing though, besides the obvious, it just- since it's all around us, that we have been raised to think one thing of it, and it clearly isn't that – to the behest of that organization – well I am not going to ever have a formal answer, just a formal station. Although the more I think about it, the more I'm convinced they're trying to do good, too. But most just don't look at it the right way. Perspective, she's a real feisty tricky mistress, that one. Sometimes her mood changes by the second!

But the power thing, – it raises a few questions, even to the most elementary of observers- although having those be vocalized a modern rarity- language around such a proportionate deception is deliberately in absentia within our sociographic and largely even in any semblance whatsoever – the higher echelons of educational “mental re-tomography” centers, I mean colleges, MBA programs, PhD programs..

So much becomes hidden when you focus on the bright tip of the flame. But yet you are an object in motion, with facilities that stitch together reality if you have learned to command seemingly disparate “sections” of your relation to the world, and your understanding of the self in the same form-

A master is a different kind of creature. A commitment to riding a wave of un-ending change, but also- creating that wave. And – here's the weird part- ultimately, through allowing the wave to create itself – through the advanced final state (the natural state of a true master) a full state unification of all senses and facilities – and the outside experienced fully without affect as the inside, and the inside of the master experienced at the choice of the master either fully as the outside or in part or none at all – this agility – is a quality of the master that only comes from understanding every single rock and grain of sand, and its station, form, function, and properties – lots of focused practice, adaptation, iteration, and ** nothing else. **

A true master lives the lessons of mastery, but understands the peril and reductions in life potential that come with “specialty,” and “title.” You see, the irony is the master turns away no subject, but sometimes may disappear for a day or a week or so on end while becoming a master of a new vein of know-how, floating through the aetherial breeze to him.. And on that note, many doubt that electric potential is all around us, then what is lightning? But an evident visible phenomenon – indicating there is electricity about, perhaps it's just a giant spark, gap discharge, no? :-p

But about those birds.. each hour bears a different and occasionally mixed song- however they are very random as to when inter-species social hour occurs, but hearing gulls caw and crows rousting about with finches peppered by the shrill sounds of a few higher octave variety birds, it is quite the delightful and most unique melange for which my heart is joyous the times I attempt to intentionally decode their language.

Someday, perhaps they'll invite me for social hour- as an honorary guest of the “Aves” Class.

// -Omar ~ Be. Do. Actualize.